Bonding with “owa” and “roro”

Simple joy in life but will treasure it forever. Taken during our visit in Davao. Two birds with one stone hehe. We visit our brother’s little angel in the cemetery after church because it was an all souls day that time and afterwards bonding time with the lolo and lola’s in the mall.

Fun time are treasured time. Spend it wisely. Hehe


Simple, Safe and Secured Charitable Gift Giving

Never has it been as easy and convenient to donate to a worthwhile charitable organization such as one that provides street pianos in New York City. Using the dynamics and quantum speed of the Internet, those interested in putting their money where it is used most effectively, may now make their gift donations safely, securely and speedily.

Select The Designated Gift Amount of Your Choice

Be it $500, $250, $50 or whatever amount you select, all transactions are handled with the click of your mouse or a single swipe of your finger tip across a touch-tone display screen. You have the option of donating just one time, on a monthly basis or several times a year if you so choose. A gift that endures for a lifetime, this is a perfect way to leave a lasting legacy for yourself or in memory of a loved one.

Completely Secured Transactions

Safety and privacy protection is the focus on this website. Using industry-standard secure socket layer(SSL) technology as a method of protecting your most vitally important information, your online gift donations remain safe.

We respect your privacy and abide by a rigid do not sell, trade or share personal information with others policy. Never fear unsolicited phone calls or direct mailings, unless you authorized them beforehand.

Tax Responsibilities

Sing for Hope, as many other online charities, is registered as a 501(c)(3). Under the full extent of the law, donations are fully tax-deductible. Please retain all charitable giving receipts for your tax records.

All receipts of donations given to Sing for Hope are sent to the valid email address which you provide on this contact page. Please keep a copy of it for your own tax purposes.

If you choose repeat donations, such as on a monthly basis, then a receipt arrives in your email Inbox as soon as it’s processed on a monthly basis.

Online Credit Processing

Please be certain to verify and confirm all information provided to this organization as you submit it online for processing. Please visit the official website now or call the organization to inquire about any further details or information about this charitable organization, community outreaches and future plans for expanding a cultural initiative for New York City and elsewhere.

Remember, when donating to this worthy cause, you’ll be investing in someone else’s future, as well as planting seeds for your own.


A Saving Can for a Struggling Saver

It was a very long time ago when I still have a paying job my mother reminded/told me to save something for my salary but I just regected it. Now I know I important to save just a little amount when I don’t have anything to save.

So here I am now, trying to save a few coins that’s left in my pocket so someday, somehow this can will be full with 5 or 10 coins. Hopefully soon before Christmas so I can spend it for gift or next year O can use it to enroll in a culinary class in tesda (i thinks it is affordable) than other who offer those courses.

Saving it for future use..


New Flat Screen LG TV and a Sharp Washing Machine

Just recently my sister bought my parents a new appliances because the old one is well,old and old.

Now my parents have tv on their rooms. We just have to deal with the electric bill later.


Pets: nestle and prince new haircut

To scape from a busy studying and my head hurt too. Bathing these two adorable doggies is the solution.