New Fun Fam Pictures

2016-06-13 20.31.57
This pic was when we visit my niece juleanne in Davao. We did not stay long though because something came up. But we are hopeful to have a full day bonding this August. Crossing our toes and fingers on this August event.

Holy week adventure. Visits Iglesia

Holy week adventure. Visits Iglesia

This pic was taken few months ago during holy week. We spend it in Davao.
During my mother's birthday.

During my mother’s birthday.

And this pic was last month during my mothers birthday. Still, we spend it with my younger bro’s family since most of my siblings are busy working abroad but we did Skype after dinner. We went to a buffert restaurant.


Take time to relax, Music on

What I like about music is you can play any genre you like depending on you mood. Most of the time I listen to slow rock when studuying and love tones when riding a bus. It calms me especially when I want to sleep. So it is important to me to have my earphone/headhones at all time, I don’t want other to be disturb with my music.

But lately all my headphones broke and I have to buy new ones. It so happen that I don’t have a budget for expensive headphones. Just a temporary headphones while saving for the ones the I like. I also saving something for a best noise cancelling headphones at Musician’s Friend because I also need one like this. It helps me when I listen to clear music because my headphones is deaf sometimes.

I so love that I get to find online site that has this kind of accessories. I don’t need to wait in line for stores to open just to find what I want and sometimes they still don’t have stock.


Sissy’s Pastime

Boredom strike anytime without you even expected it. And when your bored, why not plan for an entertaining hobby or pastime to get that boredom go away. That’s what happen to the youngest sissy in the family. She decided to try practicing playing the guitar. She’s an overseas worker and we know how it feels when we are in other country. We don’t really do the usual things back home. When we work abroad, seems like out time and life revolves in working and resting because tomorrow is another day to work hard again to earn money. Sometimes, it gets bore with the same routine for a year or two. So, the sissy found a new pastime and break the daily routine. She bought a guitar even-though she don’t know how to play the instrument. I was happy for her and encourage her to buy few guitar note so that she can easily learn how to play it. Maybe someday she can be a good guitar player or maybe not.. Who knows right? Maybe someday she can be a acoustic guitar player and I can suggest a nice acoustic guitar since I ‘am always online and encounter websites that caters musician player to suggest good quality guitar like rogue ra-090 dreadnought acoustic guitar, and she can teach me how to play it as well.


Music and it’s perks

I just read a post today that music can help a person to have his memory sharp in a way. MAYBE it did hell because if your listening to music and you find it entertaining especially if you like a certain songs to play over and over again because of the lyrics. You want to remember the words and it’s tone and pronouciation. It helps your memory to remember the words and if you will make it a habit eventually (maybe) you ‘all be able to do it in some other task or your work or things to think about.

That is why looking for the perfect xln software for a gig or just a pastime for music perks and habby is miticulouy important. Because music brings color and moods to your dull and unpredictable life l, it also help your memory somehow.


Nephew’s 5 month old celebration


This is our little zander with the grandparents. The generous parents decided to celebrate this little cuties monthly birth date. They want to celebrate it in a resort but time will not permit since they travel from Davao to Gensan because they want to celebrate it the grandparents.

The place is just near in our house because if we travel to a resort out in the city it was time consuming since the whole family still have to travel back to Davao because the husband works there.


The place is called Venue88, it is resort so it has swimming pool and rooms to if you don’t have a place to stay in gensan. But personally, I like their rooms but I don”t like the swimming pool. Because aside from the pools water is itchy, the bathroom are dirty. My older nephew even refuse to use the pools bathroom because it is dirty. I though it is only the men’s bathroom but to my horror, the females bathroom is dirty as well.

Closer photos.


Another capture with the celebrant cute smile.

And this is the protective and handsome kuya who represent himself to blow his little bro’s cake candle.