Nephew’s 5 month old celebration


This is our little zander with the grandparents. The generous parents decided to celebrate this little cuties monthly birth date. They want to celebrate it in a resort but time will not permit since they travel from Davao to Gensan because they want to celebrate it the grandparents.

The place is just near in our house because if we travel to a resort out in the city it was time consuming since the whole family still have to travel back to Davao because the husband works there.


The place is called Venue88, it is resort so it has swimming pool and rooms to if you don’t have a place to stay in gensan. But personally, I like their rooms but I don”t like the swimming pool. Because aside from the pools water is itchy, the bathroom are dirty. My older nephew even refuse to use the pools bathroom because it is dirty. I though it is only the men’s bathroom but to my horror, the females bathroom is dirty as well.

Closer photos.


Another capture with the celebrant cute smile.

And this is the protective and handsome kuya who represent himself to blow his little bro’s cake candle.


First Time at Davao’s People’s Park

We celebrated our Christmas and New Year in Davao because the two brothers lived there. Since Christmas is not only celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ but also a time to spend it with family especially if we seldom see each other and it is also for my parents to spend time with their grandchildren.
We don’t know much about places in Davao which we can go to and enjoy but the people who already residing there like my two brothers knew few places that people enjoy with their families. Evening is the best time to visit the park because it is already cold. Strolling in the park is not that hot.
We went to Davao’s People’s park with my older brother’s family and our parents. The place is really nice especially if you have kids. The park is equip with things that the children would love. They have few Disney like snow white and the seven dwarfs, penguins, pirate and many more. They also have santa clause hanging in the tree, big birds looks like Philippine eagle and more. So if you happen to pass by or visit Davao and with your family, Try to visit People’s Park in Davao.

Davao's People's Park

Davao’s People’s Park



Easy way to get music instruments

Most of us loved music and some are willing and eager to learn. However, buying or shopping for that particular instruments is a bit hassle especially if you don’t have the money at the moment.

Using a credit card may also a bit scary especially if you still have many bills to pay. What is a better solution for a music lover to play her/his music instrument like the guitar is to visit a
guitar center rentals for them to still enjoy playing without worrying how to get that guitar instrument.

Easiest and fastest way right? You can also choose what kind of guitar you want to play without getting hassle how to pay it because it is cheaper and convinient for all if we just rent it for awhile.


Strolling in the Park’s of Davao

While in Davao, we seldom spend time in the mall but when evening come, we visit parks to enjoy the glittering lights of Davao’s Christmas decor. If you want white Christmas, they have it. The Christmas lights is amazing and we did have a good time strolling and after, we went to this massage house near the park. Our muscle is relax when we go home. What a perfect place to visit when you are bored and you want to relax like enjoying a body massage.


Window shopping: Here, there, everywhere

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