The perfect cabinet to save space


I just saw this type of cabinet in the mall because they have few wonderful ideas on how to decorate your rooms and how to save space too. I think this is almost like the ones in our old house but in a very cheaper made. This one is what I like. It is clean and you don’t have to move it because it is already attach to the wall. A good thinking in my opinion because if you want to move to another house, you don’t have to buy new cabinet if you wanted that old house to be rented by someone. Just make sure that it is attache or put in the right area of the house so it won’t be a burden of you change the sittings of the bed or redecorate you personal belongings.


Started decorating for Christmas

The parents house is not that big and they also have plenty of old and new things. They still have a handful of things in our old house in Cagayan that was still in Cagayan but that won’t stop my mother to assemble her Christmas tree (given by her daughter-in-law) and decorate it. All the Christmas decorations are old. The balls, angels and the shining leaves some of them are hers and some were given to her.

She is planning to add more little decor on it but I think it is beautiful and full of decors already. Decorating early, are we excited or just don’t have anything to do?


Love yourself

Loving this quotes and i want to share it to my blog so that if anyone who read it will feel good to theme self again. It is true that you have to forgive yourself of every mistake you make because it will not be a mistake if you know it already it will be a choice and you will never learn from it instead you will just prepare yourself or anticipate the result.



Love Pet love

Here is prince charming image
My sister shahz have him since 2010.. He is turning five years old next year. My sister love him so much and she always reminding me to take good care of him because she works in Kuwait. I always send her picture and videos and if we chat i always make sure that she will see him in cam, pets are like family my sister even tell me that prince is her baby, thats how we love our pets. in this blog and even my sister you can read almost about our pets because we want to share the happiness that they gave to us. for you to know prince is the one who comfort my sister when she had her first heartbreak and prince also help her if she feels homesick. I check pet blog If i have the time and wants to create for prince charming so that my sister will see him more often. If we cant chat at least she is updated about the things that happens to her pet prince. Ive been thankful to the new technology lately because we can create and make good things though internet and blogging and can reach the un reachable. We can express our feelings to it and we are enjoying as well.


Dream room

If only i have the money i will re decorate my room into something like this imageimage Nice right?? Sad to say money is hard to earn so ill just let myself looking at it and wishing in a bright star that someday it will come true.. Heheheh :)