A Family’s Treasure

Maybe some people buy something because of impulse or whim but in Truth, they don’t really need it that much so they just disregards and neglect it after realizing it. However, with a family who loves music or someone who grow up with a musician family, having a simple musical instrument is like a treasure to them especially if some of them make music as a career. It would be wonderful to belong in a family of musician’s but unfortunately, my family likes to watch and listen to music that plays with the instruments. But maybe, it is not too late for us to try if we got talent in playing music. We just need to find in our heart and discover to help us find musical instruments that fit our music, our style or we can try fender coronado reissue for easy choosing. Owning something that you know is very important is like taking caring of a family treasure so the next generation can still enjoy and use it.


Slothful Days

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When I open this blog and notice that it was weeks ago the last time I updated this blog. Well, I never really tried harder to update all the blogs that is in my care. I wanted to but the energy wasn’t there. I am thankful for the sister who send vitamins few days ago through her friend (no connection??), I just wanted to say thank you, hehehe. Anyways, back to being sloth like lately. My reason is the same as those who are (is) saying, “it is because of the weather” (if there are any, lol). The weather here is a bit cloudy and doing something like cleaning, cooking and writing are forceful and very slowwwww. I was planning to make a doghouse using a bamboo for my two dogs is still a plan because I am being lousy and tired of doing it. Need more energy and very effective inspiration to achieve what I must achieved in the coming days. (sign ;-/)


Easy suggestion concerning home entertainment

Technologies today are more updated in almost everything. New hi-tech gadgets and home entertainment system becomes easy to use with its smart tv and wireless microphones. Having hard time with those old microphones with the wire still attach to the mic is so old news because the new trend now is the wireless microphones. Using your microphone in singing is easy and troublesome. You can enjoy using your microphones everywhere inside the house because it’s wireless. And looking for a new list of songs is easy because you can buy chips for it that is easy to insert inside your mic unlike the old one that most of its chips are hard to find because its already face-out in the market. You just need to be more caution to know the brand of your mic before buying those additional chips or usb or the microphones itself. I just learn that you can’t buy a particular microphone parts without knowing the brand. Each brand like the telefunken microphones have different types of parts so you need to be specific in buying your home entertainment microphone and chips.

I just experience few weeks ago that not all sales person in a microphone section knows the product very well. They can’t offer you a better explanation of what kinds of microphones and chips is best for your home system. They just point the expensive brand. So it is an added point to do a little research about it, anyways, there are many online sites that writes reviews and information about those microphones brands. A little research for information won’t hurt.


Common Age-related Reactions to “The Big Move”


* Changes in eating habits
* Changes in bowel habits
* Irritability
* Sleeplessness


* Clinging to parents
* Sleep disturbances
* Aggressive behavior
* Regressive fear

Five- 10-year-old:

* Verbal outburst
* Short-term depression
* Shyness
* Introversion


Bountiful family shopping

It is amazing how a small thing like credit cards or debit cards can do to make the whole family enjoy shopping without worrying having cash. Bringing cash can be troublesome sometimes especially when bad luck strikes like encountering a burglar. However, using a card is enjoyable. You don’t have to count, just a swipe and you can proceed to the next store of your choice. The whole family can enjoy bountiful shopping. Buy the most beautiful jewelries and accessories that they like just be a responsible and reasonable shopper in using those cards.