I miss them

These are the people who are present in my down fall, they are the people who offer comfort and help me to be strong. What i learn so much being away from my family is that even other people are cruel and life is unfair, there will be people who you distend to meet and be  your extended family.


A Good Stranger

Her name is Leizel, we met each other in our flight going to Philippines, We are seatmates. She is from Bacolod City and she understand and speak Visayans so well, actually we have different dialect her dialect called ilongo and mine is Visayan and I can’t understand and speak their dialect unfortunately. I notice her because she looks so confused on how to unlock the seat belt after the plane take off, so I help here to unlock it she smiled and start to talk, at first I find her talkative I just smiled to her and look forward even I can only see the seat that is ahead of me. I am not that friendly specially if it is a first encounter,  she had my attention when she told me that she work as a domestic helper in Kuwait and she ask me if I also work in Kuwait, I started to listen to her and she point me those other women in our same flight that they are also domestic helpers who ended their contract and most are deported she is not one of the deported just to make it clear, she ends her contract because she can’t take how her employer treated them. But she said that she is still lucky even if her employer are strict and always makes them do the chores even if it’s not necessary at least  her employer did not hurt them physically, her employer give them food and the necessities that they needed even though they wake up early and sleep late they are still happy. she is a very happy girl, she is so thin but looks so lively, she is friendly and keeps on smiling even if she is nervous. I can see the excitement in her eyes when we arrived in manila. When we separate our ways we add each in Facebook so that we can still communicate and tell whats happenings in our lives. We message each other in messenger once a while and we like each others post in Facebook. 


A piece of the Past

I took this picture when I board in Cebu Pacific Airlines domestic flight bound to Davao City. Its still fresh from my memory even though its been almost three months just pass. My mind is blank and i just go with the flow, I can’t comprehend what I feel, It seems that the time is so slow, I didn’t look around me, when I find my set, settle my things i just sit there grab the magazine in front of me I open it in the center page and this what I saw, that time i just smile and I feel dismay. I didn’t want to end this way what I started in that country, I remember the broken plans, the mistake and the trust that is being shattered. That picture is where I live together with my closest friends its Called “Salmiya Kuwait”

 I was thinking at that time what a coincidence! I just leave this country for good. What are the odds! But deep in my heart I feel happy, I blow a deep breath and the 1st thing I think about is leave it in the past look forward and live the present which is now. Life is never easy anyway problems will always be present even if you try to avoid it, I can’t escape hardship and trials. Mistake will be present if it needs for me to learn. I have to treasure my life because its Gods gift, a good friend once told me that “even if you experience this adversity right now, you should still be thankful to God because your family is healthy and you’re healthy, Money is only a piece that you can earn in so many ways and it can vanish like a thin air while health is an investment of yourself that once you took for granted it will make you suffer and dig your own grave, it’s not only you who will suffer but your entire family. So be strong” I am very blessed with my family and friends. I may not succeeded in my past but i still have a future ahead of me. A good life that I will look forward.

I’m Home.

Nov. 8, 2016, is my flight going back to the Philippines. I ended my one year contract to my company because I was not happy anymore.
I’ve been working for five years and 2 mos. in Kuwait as a server or waitress for 4 years and 1 year and 2 mos. As a sales associate.
My life there is not what I visualize when I 1st came to that country, my plans were not fulfilled even if I tried, my earnings wasn’t enough because I only have less salary, I wasn’t able to save up and even give fully support to my family financially.
I experience culture shock and I was embracing the job that I have which I find hard to have in my own country. I feel so independent because I am by myself and I can decide on my own.
My parents didn’t demand anything, I gave in my own free will in any amount that I want to share.
I am happy when I arrived and started to work in Kuwait because I was jobless in the Philippines for over 2 years.
What I have in mind at that time is to work for only 2 years and save up so that I can pursue my application for the Philippine National Police but unfortunately I wasn’t able to stick with that plan when I finish my first 2 years,
I wasn’t able to save because I enjoyed spending every day-off and I have a small salary to begin with. I decided to stay another two years even though deep inside me something is telling me that I shouldn’t extend my contract, but I didn’t listen because there is that fear of starting over again, I fear that I will experience again being jobless and feel useless to my family specially to my parents.
I disregard that voice within me. I then have my 1st vacation which it adds to my fear of going back in my own country.
My vacation money wasn’t enough that makes me decide more that maybe I should plan to stay a bit longer working in Kuwait.
I was thinking maybe my future is there, maybe I will be successful there. So I go back after my vacation try to continue my life, I tried to save but I am starting to feel that there is something wrong but still I didn’t mind it. I finish my 4 years contract from my previous company and apply locally, I get hired directly and have a minimum offer and it’s not bad for a 1st timer who is hired locally, the work is easy and relax very far from my previous work.
But I get bored and unhappy most of the time, and my expenses is very tight I will pay my own transportation, house, and food. But still I go on, I budget my salary, I spend less in my want and more on my needs like food, I add of what I send to my family.
I fell I started over again, I am saving because I am planning to have my second vacation, a month before my vacation that is when the adversity that comes in my life happens. It’s a big realization that hits me so hard that regrets sink in in my heart and mind, I shouldn’t stay there for that long, I should just follow that voice, and I should just face my fear and take the risk. And I decide to book a ticket and go home. I didn’t want to think what will happen.
If this is what God needs me to experience and overcome I will oblige him because I know that this is with a reasons and purpose. It is partly my mistake because I didn’t listen to his voice in the 1st place. I didn’t regret my decision even though I still feel lost and I am now jobless for 2 mos. But I feel that God is guiding me to the right direction, right people and right place. It’s never too late in Gods timing. I am now looking forward for a new journey and new life.


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