Bottleneck Slide

Lucky are those who discover their talents early because they got the chance to harness it and use it for good like dancing or singing. They can be a choir or a good dancer. They can even make it their profession if they’re very good at it. But how lucky are those who are gifted already. That they don’t have to try harder to learn something because they’re born with it. Playing an instrument is hard, i know because I tried it many time or I just don’t have the patience for it and the money as well.

Playing instruments or trying to learn some instruments maybe easy if you can buy the instrument that you like. And if you have the instruments, of course you want to beautify it buy buying those necessary accessories and parts that will make it more enjoyable for playing.

However, if you like to play the guitar like most people do, maybe a little info would be nice like the slide guitar. Slide guitar is a particular method or technique for playing the guitar. The term slide refers to the motion of the slide along the strings. Instead of altering the pitch of the strings in the normal manner (by pressing the string against frets), an object called a “slide” is placed upon the string to vary its vibrating length, and pitch and if you want to know this technique better have the A bottleneck slide. You can look for these bottleneck slide online, it is made from recycled wine bottles in assorted colors. Has a concave surface. Good choice for use with an electric guitar. Perfect for guitar lover player.


A lingering thought on “Child Psychology” class

With an on-going exam, I should be studying right now and just sit aside those things that don’t matter at the moment. The school that I’m “in” is not the best or the second or even the 3rd best-est school in town. If you don’t have the enough resources just stick to the one you can afford to, in my case, my family can afford to.

I don’t know where I am headed at the moment. But anyways, it just came over me what our last lesson about Child Psychology. The discussion is about Prenatal (which I don’t like (personal matter) Hehe). The teacher ask us about the connection of “prenatal to adolescence”? I got confuse! Is it because when you are in your adolescence the possibility of being pregnant (to female) or getting someone pregnant (to male) is just lurking under their pants? The teachers explanation or discussion about the topic got me confuse all the more.;;;


Know your controller

Recently, i have been engross in listening to music, any-kind of music will do. Some say, music help those who are depress or have a problem that only listening to music helps a little.

I don’t much about playing music or making music or composing a song and make it a nice music to everyone to listen to but one thing for sure, making music is not easy unless you use a very higtech gadgets or instruments to make it easy for the ,usicain to do her/his music thing like owning a kontrol x1 posess high-resolution protocol that gives the controller’s hardware a smoother and more precise feel compared to regular MIDI controllers. Everyone with knowledge about this controller can relate to it.


Need an upgrade or reboot

It is ashamed that i just updated this blog just now. I have been meaning to update all the blogs that i maintained but everytime i think about the device or gadget that i will use, i’ll get tired all of a sudden.

The netbook i am using right now is kind of slow. That is why i have been conditioning myself to find a good troubleshooter/mechanics or anyone who is very good in computer. Sadly, until now i am still in the thinking process, lazy me.

I want to upload pictures of my nieces and family members since this blog is about family, kids and all those households updates and renovation but unfortunately i can’t because the device still needs update/reboot too run faster. I easily get bored when loading a page is very slow.

I left my laptop in cagayan because it is too heavy for me to carry it. So i will just try to be patient with this baby i’m using right now, no other choice.


Ball bearing drawer slides

Looking for work is not easy especially if you are insecure with your educational background. I work in a company before who is just started. Mostly all our office supplies are second hand because we still need to budget the resources that the company had. We bought second hand office tables and chairs so the drawer are jammed. Thankful that our boos is a resources boss and we did find a way to fixed all the jammed drawer. So if you have a broken of jammed drawer at home and you want to fix it just use ball bearing drawer slides here and everything will work out fine to you.

It is a big plus if you know how to do it so you won’t need to pay someone to do it for you.